My family has been in the Big Bend for four generations. 

Credentials:  TMCA Credentialed Advanced Mediator; Texas Council on Family Violence Certification of Completed Training required under TX SB539; A.A. White Dispute Resolution Institute Certification of Completion of ADR Procedures Act requirements for mediation services, 1999;  S.T.C.L. Certification of additional training in Family Dynamics, Child Development & Family Law under the ADR Procedures Act for mediation services in family law matters, 1999 and 2010.  UT Law alumnus; licensed in State and Federal Courts in Texas since 1993.

About Mediation:   

​​Mediation is a confidential process used to resolve conflicts in an amicable manner. An impartial mediator directs the process and facilitates the communication between the parties in an effort to explore solutions and obtain a mutually satisfactory agreement.  The objective of mediation is for parties in conflict to participate in good faith in a dialogue regarding their dispute, to present their points of view, and to explore options for settlement in an effort to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of their dispute.   The mediator is an impartial third party who is trained to listen to the parties, clarify the parties' issues, and facilitate communication to help the participants negotiate in a flexible, private setting.

​For information about the guidelines set for mediators, click here:

​Pene S. Ferguson


About Me

I am a licensed attorney and Credentialed Advanced Mediator who believes passionately that people solve their problems best when empowered to craft their own solutions, rather than entrust their futures to the courtrooms.


Having been a trial lawyer for 30 years, I understand that, while some cases need to be tried, the vast majority do not.  I have mediated hundreds of cases, and am proud that my cases not only settle most of the time, but go forward with road maps for the parties' future dealings.  

The latter is crucial in family law cases, where families must find a way to get past the current crisis, and develop working relationships for the future.  Being married with three children means that I also have realistic expectations and experiences to draw upon.  No asset is more valuable than family, and I have been privileged to help families move forward through the worst chapters of their lives, to new beginnings, for over two decades.